Empty Government, Part 2

A series of posts on the positions yet to be filled in the Trump Administration. No president has left this many positions vacant for this long. National news outlets are reporting on the number and names of these positions, but without context about the jobs they are supposed to do, those counts do not illustrate the serious consequences invited by an administration so behind in hiring.

The Trump administration has yet to nominate the two people who lead the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA): the Administrator for Nuclear Security, and the Principal Deputy Administrator.

The NNSA is in charge of the security, maintenance, and transportation of the United States’ stockpile of nuclear weapons, which includes over 4,000 warheads. Congress created the NNSA in response to concerns over Chinese espionage and a political scandal during the Clinton administration.

Back in January, the NNSA grabbed headlines as part of a mass dismissal of Obama appointees. In government (and business, for that matter), it is usually a good idea to dismiss people after you have found a replacement. I can think of no better example than officials with the mission of protecting the most destructive weapons on Earth.


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